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Tropical Fruits Fusion Co.,Ltd.

บริษัท ทรอปิคอล ฟรุ๊ต ฟิวชั่น จำกัด

About the Company

“Thais with a twist- from the local goodness to lifestyle goodies” 

Tropical Fruits Fusion is a ‘feel good’ company that aims to put smiles on faces and refresh the world with our lifestyle confectionary snacks. We’re committed to bringing out the best in our tasty local ingredients, each of which has its own story to tell, whilst creating value and seeking to make a difference. We actively add design and innovation to our products so that they not only taste fantastic but also have elements of fun and surprise. Our creations are suitable for everyone in the family, and perfectly complement all everyday activities. Also remember to check out the great health supplement that we offer. It is all natural, and great for providing the body all the nutrients it requires on a daily basis. To find out more you can visit our website.

We simply can’t wait to let the whole world experience and enjoy our tasty, locally sourced products in new and exciting ways.

Contact Details

18/4 Soi Amnuaywat, Suthisarn Road, Samsennork, Huaykwang, Bangkok THAILAND 10310

18/4 ซอยอำนวยวัฒน์ ถนนสุทธิสารวินิจฉัย แขวงสามเสนนอก เขตห้วยขวาง กรุงเทพ  10310

Tel. +669 8293 6441 Fax 02 693 4189

Website: www.tropicalfruitsfusion.com

E-mail: hello@tropicalfruitsfusion.com

IG: tropicalfruitsfusion

FB: www.facebook.com/Tropicalfruitsfusion

LINE@: @tropicalfruitsth